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Saint Sava Sunday School

By Shari Blagojevic


On behalf of some  hard-working people, I would like to announce several new developments  at St. Sava that have been created especially for the children of our  parish:

We have a newly decorated and furnished nursery room above the Church Hall, right next to our Sunday School classrooms. Children who are too young for the formal Sunday School program are welcome to play in this room while Sunday School is in progress. Families are welcome to rotate a designated nursery room adult in charge each Sunday, since Sunday School does not have the resources to supervise the nursery. We also have a rocking chair and changing table to make mothers with babies more comfortable.

A room off the vestibule of the Church will be kept open during the Divine Liturgy so that small children who are unhappy in Church can easily leave for a short, convenient “break.”

We have hired a new Children’s Choir teacher, Milica Stefanovic, who is teaching our children both Church Service Responses as well as a few special Serbian Holiday songs. She will be coming to St. Sava on the second and fourth Sundays of every month . Lessons will begin at 12:30 p.m, right after lunch. With regular lessons, our Children’s Choir could actively participate in some Divine Liturgies. They are the future of our Church Choir, which is such an important part of our Sunday Worship!

Our teacher of Kolo dancing, Milica Mihic, has returned to St. Sava again this year to teach both younger (6-12 years) and teen parishioners Kolo dancing. Her schedule will match that of our Choir teacher, so that while one group is singing, the other group can be dancing.

Sunday School classes are continuing every Sunday right after the Divine Liturgy!!!

In order for us to take full advantage of these new developments, we need your support! Please try to attend St. Sava   Church with your children on as many Sundays as you can, but particularly on the second and fourth Sundays of each month.  We would very much like to have our children perform a small program  for everyone on both Badnje vece and St. Sava Sunday, but we cannot do this without the regular attendance of our  children. Our teachers are happy to work with your children, and they  are eager to provide a good quality result for their efforts which will  give all of us happy holiday memories for years to come and help our  children feel close to their faith and heritage.


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Registration form for the opening of Sunday School classes – September 12, 2010/11

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Saint Sava Sunday School


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