Saint Sava Iconography Project

The Church is an earthly heaven in which the heavenly God moves and dwells” (St. Germanos of Constantinople)


My dear parishioners,

We know that the Church is not simply an institution, rather, it is a “mode of existence,” a way of being. The mystery of the Church is deeply bound to the being of man, to the being of the world and to the very being of God.
One does not enter the Orthodox Church in an attempt to shape and form its ethos according to one’s preference, Its cultural predisposition, primarily the “way things are done”, handed down to us by the Apostles themselves. We must be shaped and formed by the ethos of the Church; its sights, sounds, smells, actions, auditory features, and etiquette…its ways. We do not design the ethos of the Church to fit our preference and aesthetic predisposition, we allow The Church to teach us and guide us suggesting what our preferences should be and all for our salvation.

Our forefathers and foremothers adapted and implemented this philosophy in their lives caring first and foremost to attain the Heavenly Kingdom. The result of such a life is the legacy which they left us and which we proudly continue. However, it is not enough to rest on the glory of the past. We have to think and be in the present while simultaneously being proactively concerned about the future. Following in the footsteps of our ancestors, we too ought to unite ourselves to the glorious structure of the Orthodox Serbian Heritage that has withstood the elements of time offering stability and refuge to all its sons and daughters for centuries, able to do so only because it was anchored in Christ, our Lord, and Savior.

The year 2019 marks a year of great importance for all sons and daughters of the Serbian Orthodox Church. It is the year in which we will prayerfully, responsibly and solemnly celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Autocephaly of the Serbian Orthodox Church. For those of us in the State of California, this jubilee and festivities will be intensified all the more by two local and significant anniversaries; first, the commemoration of the 125th year of the existence of the St. Sava Church in Jackson, and secondly, the 110th year of the existence of our Parish, the St. Sava Church of Los Angeles. Both churches were built and consecrated by our own St. Sebastian of Jackson and San Francisco, in synergy with

and by the support of our pious and God-pleasing ancestors.

The St. Sava Parish of San Gabriel/Los Angeles has been bestowed the great honor and responsibility to host a 3day celebration slated for Labor Day Weekend, in September of 2019. Dignitaries, including His Holiness Patriarch IRINEJ, Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church, brother hierarchs, clergy, and distinguished guests have been invited and will be leading us in this spiritual and inspiring commemoration.

With the blessing of and in collaboration with our Diocesan Bishop, His Grace Bishop Maxim, preparations for this event are already underway. In order to dignify and answer the gracious call to serve the church on this historic occasion, many projects lie ahead for us that await our commitment, service, and resources – projects ranging from landscaping to infrastructural improvements to the completion of the church interior. By the grace of God and through your benevolent assistance, we are confident that our every goal will be accomplished for the glory of God, His holy Church, our ancestors and for posterity.

The completion of the iconography of the church is one of the most important projects at hand. St. Theodore the Studite stressed that “that which is set forth in the Gospel on paper and in ink, is depicted in the icon through various paints and other materials”. Then, in the 6th Canon of the Seventh Ecumenical Council (787), we read: “That which a word communicates through hearing is what art shows silently through an image”. An icon is a silent and eloquent preacher of Orthodoxy not only within the Church but can also “speak” in an environment that is alien and which can at times even be hostile. In retrieving the iconicity of the Church, we can artistically re-establish the link between the Church and the Kingdom of God. Therefore, at the Parish Assembly Meeting held on October 28th, 2018, it was decided that in unity and synergy, we will make every possible effort to finalize the iconography project of the church in a classical Byzantine style of iconography.

Thank God, we have found humble and masterful iconographers who with all their hearts desire to adorn our temple in iconography that is faithful to the sacred traditions handed down to us. May this work reveal the very Glory of God in His Saints. May it be filled with Divine Energy and the Uncreated Light. May this Light penetrate us who stand together in His Holy Temple in worship, “…those who love the beauty of Thy house”. May we be found worthy to eternalize ourselves, like our forbearers did, by supporting, participating and contributing in this blessed endeavor.

This project has been and will continue to be costly. We invite the gift of your financial assistance in any amount, large or small. All are welcome to help in this effort and will be recognized for their love and dedication to their church.

In hopes that our blessed sacramental congregation will grow bigger and evolve for the glory of God and our ancestors, I beseech your support and care so that God, seeing our efforts in this blessed endeavor, may send upon us the gifts of The Holy Spirit and strengthen us all on the Path of Salvation.

As we are entering the New 2019th Year of God’s mercy, I wish you health, prosperity, and everything beneficial for your salvation from Him, Who is The Only One Who so generously distributes all earthly and heavenly treasures!

Your intercessor before the cradle of the newly born Godchild Christ,
ProtoPresbyter Predrag Bojovic

Please consider supporting this blessed project by offering a donation for one of the planned icons/scenes:

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