Book Store

Realizing the need for continued Orthodox Christian education in addition to regular church services, the St. Sava Bookstore was established by the former pastor Very Rev. Petar Jovanovich and Mrs. Vida Chenich in 2005. The ministry of the bookstore is an active one, serving the community and inquirers into the faith through dialogue, question and answer opportunities, learning as well as by offering a wide variety of items needed for ones spiritual edification. All items offered in the St. Sava Bookstore are church related and non-secular.

In addition to writings by various Orthodox authors and publishers in Serbian and English, from here and abroad, the St. Sava Bookstore houses a rich array of icons, prayer books, Akathists, censors, candles, baptismal and wedding items, prayer beads, CDs, greeting cards, calendars and a bounty of Orthodox items. In collaboration with the parish priest, the Very Rev. Predrag Bojovic, inventory is thoughtfully selected with a focus on assisting believers in their spiritual life and those who desire to realize the fullness of Orthodox doctrine and practice in their homes through continued knowledge and practice of the holy Orthodox faith.

The St. Sava Bookstore assists in filling requests for hard to find items when possible. For assistance with gift suggestions, new items or to learn about the latest publications of the Orthodox world, contact Mrs. Shari Blagojevic ( or Mrs. Vuka Jovic (). The bookstore is open every Sunday immediately after Divine Liturgy as well as during most feast days and parish celebrations.

Each year since 2005, on the feast day of St. Sava (January 27th), in the spirit of true Christian stewardship, the St. Sava Bookstore staff presents the church with 100% of its profits. Through the years, the donations of individual time and talent have yielded plentiful monetary resources back to the church. These funds are appropriated by the parish priest to fulfill either a practical need such as the parish liturgical books used each Sunday by worshippers, liturgical items needed for the altar and services or for its beautification as in the example of Christ’s tomb.

Supporting the St. Sava Bookstore is an easy and enriching way to support your church!