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Saint Sava Sunday School


Dear Parishioners,

On Sunday, September 3, 2023, we will start the 2023-2024 Sunday School Year, with the service of the Invocation of the Holy Spirit.

We are excited to start the new school year with our St. Sava youth, and have prepared a great curriculum for them!

A church without crying (i.e. children) is a church that is dying, and we hope and pray that Saint Sava Church will be filled with children, and all the commotion, laughter, and joy they bring along! Their joy and laughter are a guarantee of the future of our Parish!

I invite you all to participate in the forthcoming Sunday School/Kolo Group Meeting, to be held at our church, on Sunday, September 3rd, 2023, immediately following the Divine Liturgy and our parish luncheon.

A majority of people in the world DO NOT feel the world is heading in the right direction. The greatest way to positively impact the world and its course is through children!

Let us, therefore, work jointly on sowing seeds for Christ!

As your children begin regular school – it is also so important that they also begin their spiritual and cultural education. Our staff of volunteer instructors: Radmila Bojovic kolo group choreographer, Ljiljana Lukic, Serbian Language & culture (ages 4-9), & Fr. Predrag Bojovic (religious classes for teenagers) are available on Sundays, following Divine Liturgy with prepared lessons in Serbian language, Music, Religion and History.

Once again, we would like to extend a warm welcome to all of you, and would love to have you enroll your children in our Saint Sava Sunday School program!

Your intercessor before God,
V. Rev. Predrag Bojovic

Sunday School classes are continuing every Sunday right after the HOLY COMMUNION!

In order for us to take full advantage of these new developments, we need your support! Please try to attend St. Sava   Church with your children on as many Sundays as you can! We would very much like to have our children perform a small program for everyone on both Badnje vece and St. Sava Sunday, but we cannot do this without the regular attendance of our children. Our teachers are happy to work with your children, and they are eager to provide a good quality result for their efforts which will give all of us happy holiday memories for years to come and help our children feel close to their faith and heritage.

Spread the word!

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