Circle of Serbian Sisters


The Cover of the Holy Theotokos of the Circle of Serbian Sisters (KSS)



This Church organization was originally known as St. Sava Women’s Auxiliary. It was renamed in 1996, at the time of His Grace Bishop Jovan Mladenovic, to Circle of Serbian Sisters. The sisters took The Cover of the Holy Theotokos for their Patron Saint Day-Krsna Slava.

Both organizations, the ladies of the Auxiliary and the Serbian Sisters, have done tremendous work for St. Sava church. They have been in charge of social church activities for many years, whether it was to prepare the food for Sunday luncheons, organize the church celebrations, work for bingo operation, cater the food for different occasions: weddings, christening parties, funerals, etc. Thanks to them the church benefitted in tens of thousands of dollars for its various church projects and humanitarian actions.

The sisters enjoy attending the Spiritual Retreat held every year two weeks before Easter at St. Sava camp in Jackson, California. At the Retreat the sisters attend a special Vespers prayer (akatist) to birth-giver of God, the Holy Theotokos. Also, a special guest speaker presents a lecture for ladies on how to advance in spiritual and religious life.

St. Sava Circle of Sisters is an important wing of the St. Sava church body. It represents an important moral and financial support for the church. The presidents of KSS have a great responsibility for the successful organization of Serbian Sisters.

May God bless all our ladies of the Women’s Auxiliary and the Serbian sisters for the hard work done to benefit St. Sava Church.

KSS Reporter