Preservation of St. Sava Church of San Gabriel

San Gabriel, Јуnе 18, 2012



Dear brothers and sisters – parishioners, stewards and friends:



When you read this letter, please pay utmost attention to its serious message. This letter is addressing a very urgent matter, and it concerns each and every one of us.
We have been blessed to have two churches where we worship God: The historic St. Sava Church of Los Angeles built in 1910, and the beautiful new St. Sava Church of San Gabriel, as well as a beautifully remodeled and functional Church hall built in 1963. We have to be thankful to all who enabled us to have these buildings for our liturgical community, and spiritual and cultural heritage. All our memories of events and times shared are priceless.

We must preserve and enhance what is entrusted in our care. To achieve that goal and take the necessary care of the church property we need to raise funds to meet the needed budget. Many people don’t know that our minimum operational expenses are $350,000 per year, or approximately $30,000 per month. In this sluggish economy our main source of income (the hall rentals) fell well below expectations, causing our current grave financial situation.

Due to the seriousness of the financial state of our church, our Church Board held a meeting and decided to appeal to all of you cherished people to make a commitment to donate $1 per day totaling $360.00 per year, or any other amount that you may feel comfortable with.  All donors donating $150 per year or more will become Church stewards, with the right to vote and use the Church and Hall rental with the special member discount. Any Orthodox Christian can become a steward even if they belong to other parishes.


Dear brothers and sisters, your help is most urgent. We know you all care about both St. Sava Churches, beautiful places to worship and uphold our Serbian culture, where we gather and meet each other in fellowship and true Christian love.

Please show your love as a good Orthodox Christian who cares by helping.  We must remember, “Strength through Spirituality – Sustainability through Stewardship.

Wishing you God’s every blessing,

Sveto Gusa

President of the Executive Board

Prota Petar Jovanovic

Parish Priest