Patronal Celebration of Saint Sava in Los Angeles

Patronal Celebration of Saint Sava in Los Angeles

A brisk sunny morning dawned on January 30th, 2022, when the Serbian Parish in San Gabriel, California, celebrated the enlightener and the First Archbishop of Serbia, Saint Sava.

The universal mission of Saint Sava was manifested in gathering together in the church dedicated to him many brothers and sisters of various nationalities: in addition to the Serbs and Americans, there were Russians, Byelorussians, Greeks… The Liturgical Synaxis was presided by our father and Bishop Maxim, with the concelebration of Presbyters V. Rev. Lazar Vasiljevic, V. Rev. Stavrophor Predrag Bojovic, and Rev. Vladan Radovanovic.

Following the Holy Eucharist, where an unusually great number of children and adults partook (considering the current pandemic circumstances), a procession around the church led by children and a festal banquet, for more than 200 attendees, took place. At the beginning of the banquet, Bishop Maxim blessed the Slava Bread and Wheat, breaking it, in accordance with the slava tradition, with this year’s slava hosts Mr. Dejan and Mrs. Ljiljana Miskovic, together with their son Subdeacon Jovan Miskovic, encircled by the joyful youth of this Parish. Mr. Dragisa and Mrs. Shari Blagojevic were found worthy to be bestowed upon this great honor for next year and they accepted a piece of the “Slava Bread” from this year’s hosts, with everyone’s approval and applause.

At everyone’s joy and pleasure, a wonderful recital and program were performed by the Sunday School children of this Parish and members of the Saint Sava Church Choir. It was their humble offering to Saint Sava, from their talents and time, and a token of appreciation for all the blessings he bestowed upon us. Immediately following the program, a festal banquet, prepared by the local KS Sisters, was served and enjoyed by everyone.

“Let us praise him, o Serbs, let us sing his hymn trice”, are the lyrics that were entirely fulfilled this year during the Patronal Celebration in Los Angeles. After singing in one voice and one heart the Saint Sava Hymn, the festivities, motivated by the prayerful and grateful remembrance of Saint Sava, were continued into the late afternoon.


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