Прва етапа живописања нашег храма, северна страна, је завршена. Настављамо даље…ПОГЛЕДАЈТЕ КАКО САДА ИЗГЛЕДА

Скромно апелујемо и молимо вашу финансијску помоћ, без обзира на износ. Свака помоћ је добродошла и свима ће јавно бити указана пажња и захвалност за љубав и оданост нашој Цркви! Помозите нам да завршимо нашу цркву у славу Божију и на понос нашем народу!

Welcome to the official website of the

Saint Sava Serbian Orthodox Church

Located in San Gabriel, CA, our church is a parish of The Western American Diocese of The Serbian Orthodox Church, under spiritual leadership of His Grace Bishop Maxim. Our Parish was founded in 1909 by our ancestors who immigrated from Balkan and settled in the Southern California. The Divine Services are in Serbian, English and Church-Slavonic.

Over the century, thousands of people have called Saint Sava Parish their home. Maybe this parish is the kind of spiritual home you have been searching for as well – please come and see, we would love to have you pray with us.

Please check out the rest of our web site. We hope that you enjoy your visit and find useful information about our Parish.


October 8, 2010

Aktivnosti Nedeljne Skole


Zahvaljujemo se deci koja su bila deo nedeljne sluzbe i pevala zajedno sa crkvenim horom: Ana Lugue, Nikolina i Anastasija Colic i Jovan Miskovic koji je, kao i svake nedelje, pomagao ocu Petru. Nakon liturgije, deca su zajedno sa...

June 22, 2008

Vidovdan – Kosovo Charity Banquet


The Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Western America sponsored a  special commemoration of Vidovdan and Kosovo Charity Banquet at the St. Sava Church of San Gabriel, held on Saturday, June 21, 2008. His Grace Serbian Bishop Dr. Maxim hosted...